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What’s the Deal with Running Coaches?

Running, unlike other popular sports, has been around for thousands of years. While our early ancestors weren’t exactly chasing soccer balls or swinging tennis rackets, they…

Worst Training Advice Ever

On Jan. 1, 2011, I attempted to start my year off with a 10-day Master Cleanse. That's right—10 days of drinking nothing but a questionable concoction…

A Tourist in Your Hometown

If you’re itching to re-explore Austin while burning a few calories, take a tour with these two up-and-coming businesses.

Running Shoe Review Spring 2016

Finding the best shoe for you has traditionally begun by assessing the characteristics of your feet and gait, and then matching them with the features and…

Running with the Tribe

Experiencing a new country and culture was best done on two feet—with locals using dramatic hand gestures, encouraging me to run harder.

Build Your Own Footbridge

You’re out on a long hike, enjoying the beautiful weather and feeling great. There’s a skip in your step and the feeling of being fit from…

Running to Race

Summers are hot, and most runners tend to find themselves struggling to even get out of the door. For some who train with Trail Roots, gearing…

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