Guest Writer Guidelines

Please send all guest writer inquiries to Drew Terry  (

Thank you so much for supporting Austin Fit Magazine by agreeing to be a guest writer. In doing so you are helping us realize our mission, which we sincerely believe can improve the quality of life for those in our community and our readers wherever they may be.

AFM’s Mission

“To educate, motivate, and inspire people and communities to live a healthier lifestyle through a balance of health, fitness and nutrition.”

Scope and Tone:

Austin Fit Magazine is a media company whose content is characterized as a family-friendly, lifestyle, health and fitness series of platforms. While our digital magazine and website have a significant reach and frequency, our primary focus is on the communities of central Texas.  Content for our website is time-based and less formal with content refreshed daily. Our magazine is monthly and is delivered digitally on the first of each month. Its content is archived and available indefinitely.

We have a deep respect for your expertise and experience and that is why we feel strongly about the intrinsic benefit of sharing your knowledge. We understand the power of creativity and so appreciate your literary choices. That said, we would appreciate your adhering to our editorial guidelines.


  • Your articles should be your original work. While we prefer them to be unique and not published, we will accept articles/content that you have published personally which are appropriate. These must be designated as such when submitted.
  • Your article should advance AFM’s mission and be relevant to health and wellness.
  • Critical elements of your article include originality, deep expertise, evidence-based content and unique and innovative perspectives.
  • Your article must be a minimum of 500 words. If you need more space to articulate your message, we love to see longer articles up to 2,000 or more words!
  • Your article must not contain pornography, vulgar materials, profanity, religious and racial intolerance, insults, political issues and crime or provocative attacks of any kind.
  • Your articles must not include advertising information, sales letters, press releases, exaggerations, or self-promotion. This includes promotional material such as links to products or services.
  • Placement of any submitted content is up to the discretion of the editorial team.
  • When writing your article, please always keep your audience in mind and focus on your readers.
  • AFM reserves the right to edit your article, whenever needed without any obligation for the writer’s review before publication.
  • We do not pay you for your article, but we do provide credits by publishing your name and your brief bio (3-5 sentences).
  • All submissions and article placement are up to the discretion of the editorial team and may appear within AFM’s digital magazine, online and/or in the app.
  • As a guest writer, you warrant that you are the sole or senior author of this article except for those portions shown to be quotations;
  • As a guest writer, you grant to Austin Fit Magazine the nonexclusive right to publish the article in all languages and for all countries in both print and electronic forms;
  • As a guest writer, you affirm that the article does not violate copyright or other proprietary right and that it contains no material that is libelous or in any way unlawful.
  • As a guest writer, you will retain the right to use the material in the article in any other writing of your own, whether online or in article or book form.
  • Upon submission, you are agreeing to AFM’s Guest Writer Guidelines.

Austin Fit Magazine very much appreciates your contributions and support and is thankful for your insights and how they might help others live healthier lives. Your words and thoughts have the potential to significantly and positively impact the quality of our reader’s lives and make someone’s day better. Knowing that potential may even make your day better in return.