Be Finish Line Photo-Ready

By Kate Allen, hair stylist, SALON by Milk + Honey, Gold Key Educator for Kevin Murphy – February 1, 2017
Photography by Weston Carls

Fauxhawk Ponytail 

1. Part your hair down the top sides of your head to section off the hair in the top-middle of your head. It should look like a rectangle section of hair ending at the crown of the head. Tie off the rest of your hair. 

2. Braid the top section of hair all the way to the end. 

3. Secure braid with elastic.

4. Pull up the rest of the hair into a tight ponytail. 

5. Take elastic out of braid, wrap around the ponytail holder and then secure underneath with bobby pins.


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Double Dutch Braid Updo

1. Part hair down the middle of your head.

2. Create a tight dutch braid on both sides, using all hair.

3. Grab both ends of the braids and twist into a bun. Pin with bobby pins until updo feels secure. For long hair, it may feel more secure to be tie the bun back with a hair-tie.


Side Braid with Ponytail

1. Create a side part in your hair.

2. Start braid and keep as close to the forehead as possible. As you continue the braid, gradually bring it further from your forehead and more toward the back of your head until the braid is finished. Then, secure with an elastic band.

3. Pull all hair back into a ponytail.



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