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Probiotics and Your Pet

You already know the importance of digestive health and its integral role in optimal nutrition. You’ve also probably seen ads proudly proclaiming the benefits of probiotics.…

Drinking Chlorophyll: Fad or Fact?

Let’s talk about one of the latest trends sweeping the internet: drinking chlorophyll. The quick answer is YES it actually has numerous benefits for human health…

How to Alleviate Bloating

A bit of bloating is a normal and healthy part of digestion, but when the bloat becomes uncomfortable, it may raise cause for concern. This is…

Life as a Vegan

I hear it several times a week: “Your diet must be crazy strict!” I don’t think there is enough room on a table to hold all…

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger root is a popular spice that many people recognize and probably even have in their kitchen. What people often do not realize, however, is that…

Brew Your Own Kombucha

If you’re wanting to learn how to make kombucha, it’s likely you’ve already tried the drink and are quite the kombucha enthusiast already. For those who…

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