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Running Shoe Review 2020
February 1, 2020
Each year, members of the running industry head to Austin for the Running Event — a conference and trade show for running specialty stores and brands to share practices and showcase their latest in...
Athlete Spotlight: Cynthia Salazar
December 1, 2019
Cynthia Salazar never dreamed she would have the opportunity to run an international race. As a local Austinite working full time and owning her own physical training business, at 40 she decided to compete...
Hotter’N Hell Hundred
July 31, 2019
In 1982, Wichita Falls was on the hunt for some grand new way to celebrate their centennial. For many towns, that kind of celebration usually ends up looking a lot like a big block...
Five Adventure Travel Races to Add to Your Bucket List
June 1, 2019
There is something special about visiting new places. But for the adventurous athletes out there, there’s something even grander about pushing your physical limitations and competing in a new place. There are so many...
Five Things You Should Know About Running Injuries
December 31, 2018
Dr. Davis of RunLab shares her advice on how to hit your new year’s resolutions without letting your injuries get in your way.
You Never Forget Your First
October 31, 2018
With the weather cooling off in Texas and training mileage beginning to ramp up for a variety of races, it seemed like the perfect time to share some tips on where things can really...
Changing The Way You Run: A Cautionary Tale
July 31, 2018
In an attempt to improve your run, you probably have been told a myriad of conflicting information: stretch more, stretch less, stop landing on your heel, start “firing” your glutes, increase your cadence, lean...
Brooke Torres
April 1, 2018
This Runner isn't letting anything slow her down—including a cancer diagnosis
The 2018 Texas Relays
March 1, 2018
The 91st edition of the storied competition returns to Austin March 28–31, packed with promise, star power, and the next generation of Olympic competitors.
A Sustainable Loop
March 1, 2018
Running serves a purpose. In the new year, many set goals to lose weight or complete a marathon. During the year, running can be used to destress or catch up with friends on Lady...
Race Day Shoes
February 1, 2018
We Tried to Keep Pace with Skechers Performance Athlete, David Fuentes, to find out what to consider wearing when we lace up on race day.
New Baby, New Workout
June 1, 2017
Have you recently added to your family? These products are tailored to keeping you and your little one active.
FML Workout: Brick
April 30, 2017
This month’s workout segment caters to your inner triathlete! Brick workouts combine two or more of the triathlon legs into a single workout.
How to Finally Reach Your Top Speed
April 1, 2017
The single most important part of your training—revealed.
The First First Place
March 1, 2017
You never forget your first win.
Be Finish Line Photo-Ready
February 1, 2017
Don't be caught in the flash of the finish line without your hair looking its best. Plus, it'll make you run faster.
FML Workout Fartlek
February 1, 2017
Make no mistake about it, this training regiment is no laughing matter. There’s no way around it: Fartlek’s name isn’t doing it any favors. Swedish for “speed play,” fartlek is designed to keep your...
Run This Town
February 1, 2017
Our top 10 shoe picks of the season. Whether you're a brand new runner buying your first serious shoe or a veteran who's looking for a post-marathon pick-me-up, this list will help you find...
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