March 2021 Issue


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MindBar Launching May 1st

Two local women are looking to change the mental health scene through MindBar. This platform is meant to create an…

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gains, building muscle, toning

I Just Want to Tone

The four little words that make trainers sigh: “I just want to tone.” Most often…

KMB: Rogue American

Continuing our quest to explore open and available training facilities in the Austin area, this month, we ventured over to Hudson Bend for a unique training experience for our April…

Medicine Cabinet Must-Haves

Making the switch to more natural products can sometimes be a bit overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. To make things a little easier,…

Build a Better Sleep Routine

​For optimal function and vitality in our bodies, sleep is often the overlooked and underappreciated component. According to neuroscientist, professor and author of the book, “Why…

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