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Tales Of A McRunner

In our effort to get the best health and fitness tips and tricks to our readers, we end up doing a lot of McDonald’s bashing. Well,…

Why Diets Make You Crabby

Dieters often blame low blood sugar or deprivation and lack of pleasure (no dessert?!) as the source of their cranky attitudes. However, recent research indicates that…

Run Dog, Run

When was the last time you actually thanked your dog? They’re amazing little creatures and the best fitness buddies you could ever hope for.

6 of Austin’s Best Pet Playgrounds

Has your dog been looking a little droopy lately? Have you caught her staring out the window longingly, even after she’s been outside? Maybe it’s time…

11 Fittest Pups

Have you ever seen Buddy ­- the world’s strongest dog – lifting boulders at Auditorium Shores? Or how about Abby, Austin’s best soccer player? They both…

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