Fitness Flash Mob: A Tribute to Japan

By Drex – March 2, 2011

Over the past week, we’ve collectively witnessed a trifecta of unfathomable proportions unfold before our eyes: the largest recorded earthquake in a populated area, followed by a torrential tsunami which has now led to the destruction of three power plants. The images of those affected by the disasters captures an inspiring resiliency. These events have left those of us watching from a distance with a heavy heart, and a desire to help.

It’s time to take action.

Thursday, March 24th shortly after sunset Austinites will perform a 15-minute fitness flash mob at The Long Center. Visualize if you will, 600 people on the terrace of The Long Center illuminated only by glow bracelets in a choreographed interactive movement experience. This performance will include a mix of exercise, dance and yoga led by Austin’s top trainers and yoga instructors.

For more information about the event, visit:

Glow bracelets will be sold on location as donation-only items in the amount of $10. All proceeds will go towards relief efforts in Japan through the American Red Cross.

The event currently has almost 200 participants confirmed and will be capped at 600.

If you’re unable to attend but would still like to sponsor a glow stick please go to: **There will not be a Fitness Flash Mob mention on the page but ARC will track where donations came from**


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