Tales Of A McRunner

By Kelsey – March 2, 2011


In our effort to get the best health and fitness tips and tricks to our readers, we end up doing a lot of McDonald’s bashing. Well, there’s a 36-year-old marathon runner from Chicago who challenges what most of us think about McDonald’s (namely that it’s disgusting, toxic and hardly deserves to be called “food”). The man also known as McRunner trained for the recent LA Marathon surviving on a diet consisting strictly of– you guessed it– McDonald’s.

You’d think 30 days of McDonald’s would result in a one-way ticket to the nearest cardiac hospital, but McRunner beat all odds and actually ran a personal best of 2:36:14 and came in 29th overall at the marathon.

What makes this stunt bearable, and maybe even admirable, is that McRunner ended up raising $29,000 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & NW Indiana through pledges on his Facebook page. I think I could stomach thirty days of McDonald’s to raise that kind of money for the wellbeing of children across the world.

Check out McRunner’s blog here to get the whole story.

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