Fitness’s New Social Network

By Kelsey – March 2, 2011

Austin based MapMyFITNESS has teamed up with Kentucky’s Humana Inc. to bring you fitness-minded tech-savvy users a new social network: Humana Fit.

MapMyFITNESS is the well known social athletic community that lets users track their physical activity online. Humana Inc. is the well known health insurance provider that’s putting a new emphasis on helping members take charge of their health. You can see the connection.

A new social network? Built around fitness? Meaning I can compete with my friends without them seeing me drenched in sweat? I had to check it out. Granted I haven’t been a member for very long (about an hour now) but so far I can’t see this becoming the new FacebookFit. It’s tricky to connect with people you actually know and the Nutrition section seems filled with fitness myths I thought we’d gotten past a while ago (a strict eight glasses of water a day, etc.).

But all complaints aside, any motivation or source of accountability for people looking to get fit has to be a good thing. I’ll log my first workout tonight and get back to you.


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