Eat Fit, Live Fit, Fight Cancer

By Mike – March 2, 2011

Even though healthy eating can seem daunting at times, feeding your body well is easier than you think.

Your body needs fuel to perform effectively. Miss breakfast, and the sounds that resonate from your midsection may scare your coworkers almost as much as your lack of productivity. Forgo lunch, and your evening workout will be disastrous. Bypass dinner, and you’ll most likely wake up the next morning with a stomachache and an empty box of girl-scout cookies.

It’s important to give your body the fuel it needs to perform basic activities throughout the day, but it’s vital if you are on a workout regimen. If you fail to give your body the nutrients and energy it needs to perform and recover, it will literally start breaking ITSELF down to get it. However, if you hydrate and eat healthy before and after you exercise, your energy level will sky-rocket and your body will become the well-oiled machine it’s designed to be.

After I finish a long swim or run, I often struggle with making a decision on what to eat. I want food and I want it immediately. My answer? My Fit Foods. Stopping by your nearest MFF location eliminates the guesswork that follows your workout and provides you with lean, low-calorie, gluten-free meals that are already in to-go containers for your convenience. Take one back to work or home with you and know that you truly ARE what you eat. Eat fit, Live Fit.

March is IronMikey Month in Austin. Stop by any My Fit Foods location and join the fight against cancer. Mention coupon code “IronMikey” and get 10% off your order. A portion of your purchase will go towards cancer research and patient care in honor of local 4-time cancer survivor and Ironman Triathlete Mike Thompson.


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