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Family Yoga Flow

Is your at-home practice constantly interrupted by your little one wanting to climb on you or join in? Turn the distraction into a connection by incorporating your child into your flow. These 10 poses from The Little Yoga House are great for strength and balance, but most importantly, for teamwork.


Here in Central Texas, a new sport is gaining traction among youth athletics: lacrosse.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

Thirteen-year-old boxer Caleb Suniga has a quite an impressive athletic resume. Some of his feats include three-time Texas Silver Gloves champion, Red River Invitational champion, Junior Olympic Region/State champion, and four-time Texas champion While those are nothing short of impressive, he has a bigger goal on his mind—represent the U.S. at the 2024 Olympic games.

Bring Your Kids Foodie Guide

Looking for healthy, kid-friendly restaurant options? Look no further. We have chicken tenders and cheese quesadillas along with some healthy surprises such as smoothies and açaí bowls.

Student Athlete Spotlight

At Austin Fit, we strive to know all the athletes in our community. We chatted with standout athletes and students, Jaelene Etkie and Trey Johnson, at Texas School for the Deaf about what playing sports means to them.

After School Guide

As we head back to school it’s also time to plan after-school activities. With less scheduled PE in school, it’s up to parents to keep kids active and outside. Here are our top three picks to keep kids moving throughout the fall.

Fit Kids

Whether it’s soccer or scootering, we love seeing Austin kids outside and playing this summer.

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