Family Yoga Flow

By Yogis: Abby Nagler and Kylie Copeland – July 31, 2018
Photography by Brian Fitzsimmons


Is your at-home practice constantly interrupted by your little one wanting to climb on you or join in? Turn the distraction into a connection by incorporating your child into your flow. These 10 poses from The Little Yoga House are great for strength and balance, but most importantly, for teamwork.

1) Tree Friends (pictured above): 

  • Stand up tall, side by side.
  • Place your outside foot on your calf.
  • Hold hands or place your hands behind each others backs and smile.

This pose is great for balance.

2) Warrior Buddies

  • Stand up tall and face your partner.
  • Hold hands, hinge forward and lift one leg back behind you.
  • Try to balance for a few breaths (warning, you may lose your balance and giggle) 

This pose is great for balance and strength.

3) Double Down Dogs

  • One partner (the grown-up) go into downward dog.
  • The second partner (the kiddo) comes into downward dog in front of the grown-up and place feet on the grown-up’s back.

This pose is great for strength and teamwork.

4) Brain Balance 

  • Both partners come onto hands and knees.
  • Place opposite hand on each others shoulder.
  • Lift your opposite leg up (you can bend your knee as pictured).

This pose is great for strengthening the brain, balancing your body, and working together.

5) Plank Stack 

  • Grown-up goes into plank pose.
  • Kiddo climbs on their back with their hands holding ankles and their feet on the grown-up’s back.
  • Kiddos can push up into a plank or just lay there and give their grown-up a little extra weight for a harder workout.

This pose is great for strengthening the core, especially with the added weight.

6) Tree House

  • Grown-up go into a table top position.
  • Kiddo places both hands on the grown-up’s shoulders, and places both feet onto the tops of their thighs. 
  • BONUS: Kiddo tries to lift one leg for a three-legged downward dog.

This pose is great for shoulder mobility and teamwork…and it’s a great party trick.

7) Seesaw 

  • Both partners come to a seat with legs wide facing each other. 
  • Hold hands with your partner and gently pull each other back and forth.
  • Don’t forget to smile at each other and make silly faces. 

This pose is great for hamstring flexibility and hip mobility.

8) Butterfly Assist 

  • Grown-up comes to a seat bringing the soles of their feet together. 
  • Kiddo places one hand on both of their grown-ups knees, walks their feet back and comes into downward dog. 

This pose is great for opening the hips with a tiny assist from the littlest downdog.

9) Couch Potato

  • One partner comes into child’s pose (can switch off.)
  • The other partner sits behind their partner with their feet stretched out in front of them and then leans back to recline over their partner's back.

This pose is great for extra compression in child’s pose and a gentle backbend.

10) Savasana With Me

  • Both partners lay in opposite directions with their heads next to one another (ear to ear.)
  • Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest.
  • Close your eyes and relax.

This pose is a great way to feel connected to your little yogi, relax, and rejuvenate your mind and body.

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