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KMB: Xceleration Sports Performance Labs
September 1, 2021
One aspect that I love about this collaboration with AFM is that it has allowed me to reconnect with so many wonderful people that I have had the privilege to know and work with...
Reasons Why Telehealth is Here to Stay
September 1, 2021
The pandemic has changed the way we perceive and access healthcare. With over 4 million deaths worldwide, COVID-19 has created a collective concern for hygiene and safety — and that includes medical practices. It...
Your Smartphone vs. Your Relationship
February 1, 2021
Smartphones accompany everyone, everywhere, all the time — to the gym, to work, to happy hour, while we’re eating and even to bed. For many, it’s the first thing one sees when they wake...
Mental Health Column: Technology in Mental Health
January 6, 2020
There are various ways that technology interfaces with mental health. There are positive influences such as meditation apps, anxiety meters, sleep trackers, communication tools, trauma healing technology and more. And there are negative aspects,...
Innovations For Healthy Living
January 1, 2020
Technology has made health and wellness all the more comprehensible across genres. From virtual doctor appointments to physical wellness products, the accessibility and quality of healthy living has advanced to an all-time high. Looking...
Technology and the Body
June 30, 2019
The NEUBIE, EMSCULPT, Cryoslimming and Fitbit PurePulse. These new technologies aren’t household names…yet. These are some of the newest and most innovative devices that shape how we heal, tone and discover our physical bodies....
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