Innovations For Healthy Living

By Monica Hand – January 1, 2020

Technology has made health and wellness all the more comprehensible across genres. From virtual doctor appointments to physical wellness products, the accessibility and quality of healthy living has advanced to an all-time high. Looking over some of the past year’s most innovative products, it’s easy to see that wellness technology is a category that may never stop improving. Whether the products focus on the need for injury rehabilitation, the stabilization of pain or simply the intersection of health in daily lifestyles, there’s something for everyone.

Sleep Systems from Kryo Inc.

To solve that problem of waking up too cold or sweaty, Kryo Inc. has created the means to a perfect night’s sleep. The Sleep Systems’ simple design as mattress toppers allows either one or two users to adjust the temperature of it to their preferred state. This puts the cozy or cooling effect right where you need it — under you, so you don’t risk kicking it off in your sleep. If it’s two users, they can adjust for either side of the bed, allowing for both users to sleep comfortably. It’s a technology that’s solving the age-old problem of thermostat debates.

Inversion Tables

The inversion table comes from all sorts of carriers and in several designs. The idea behind the contraption is that your spine compresses over time. Using gravity, the device decompresses the spine to refresh the discs. This allows for built-up pressure to be released from the nerves and muscles and for the spine to realign itself. You lock yourself into the full- or half-body table device (depending on brand and targeted characteristics) and then it will flip you upside down, allowing gravity to use your body weight as a tool on the spine. The self-treatment is thought to effectively solve many back problems and relieve loads of back pain that other treatments can’t do without surgery or medicine.

Livia Menstrual Pain Relief 

If you’re prone to intense menstrual cramps, it may sound too good to be true. The problem of bulky heating pads, pills that wear off and time lost due to pain involving symptoms from menstrual cycles has long impeded a woman’s day-to-day affairs. But Livia claims to be able to provide relief to some of the greatest cramps. FDA and CE approved, the way the technology works is behind the Gate Control Theory. The device distracts the nerves with a pulsation so that they can’t register the pain. Relief typically kicks in about 30-60 secs after switching on the device, allowing for immediate liberation.

Nima Gluten Sensor and Peanut Sensor 

With the number of people with gluten and peanut allergies, it makes sense that wellness technologies are starting to focus on ways to protect them from exposure. Nima is a portable food testing kit that comes with a community. In three simple steps, you know whether the food is contaminated, and you can share that information. You simply put the food in a capsule, test it in the device, then log in the information. That information is stored within the Nima App community that has already logged hundreds of packaged foods and restaurants. The problem of feeling uneasy or alone due to a gluten or peanut allergy is beginning to be no more.


The sleek design makes for a portable, handheld face massager that aims to banish the grime away. With the option of an even smaller, more compact design in the LUNA Mini, there’s no such thing as not enough room in your gym bag or travel kit for an ultimate skincare routine. Awarded an Allure Best of Beauty 2019 certification, the FOREO technologies have long been recognized by beauty and health outlets for continuously upgrading their products and keeping skincare at the forefront of wellness advances.

NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Leg Recovery System

NormaTec’s electronically stimulated leg compression boots help to regenerate tissue and decrease muscle tightness. They are utilized by almost every level of athletes and can be found in any genre of fitness and sports — anywhere that has individuals training and needing quickened recovery and relief. The new design allows for portability wherever you may need it. It’s smaller and lighter, with the reduced consoled size making the usage easy and intuitive. Now, there’s even an option to sync it up to Bluetooth and your smartphone device, making recovery as hi-tech as you want.


As computer screens and desk jobs grow ever-present, so does the lack of posture, and with lack of posture comes great back pain. To help train day-by-day back to the upright position of standing tall, UPRIGHT took the old invention of posture correctors and gave them a face-lift. Now, with a much more tech look, this design is a little, pod-like device that you stick to your upper back — between your shoulder blades — using a hypoallergenic slip. Then, after downloading the UPRIGHT GO app, one can track their posture throughout the day. Over time, the idea is to train the mind back to the habit of standing up tall and not slumping forward. All on the app, the notifications and settings are easy to use and access.


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