Texas-Based Company Uses Technology to Get People Outside

By Katerina Cotroneo – January 1, 2023
Captain Experiences

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” This is exactly what Captain Experiences aims to do when it comes to the battle between technology and the outdoors.

This Texas-based fishing and hunting trip booking platform uses technology as a means of unlocking the outdoors rather than avoiding it altogether. Captain Experiences merges the great outdoors and today’s technological advances to create a harmony that never existed before.

Jonathan Newar, the co-founder of Captain Experiences, says the team appreciates technology, as long as it’s getting people to accomplish the end goal: getting people outside. 

“Our whole premise is minimizing screens and maximizing life,” Newar says. “We view the platform as a means to the end – we want people exploring nature and having fun.”

The idea for Captain Experiences was born when Newar was trying to book a group fishing excursion. Newar realized it was more difficult than anticipated: why couldn’t he just “Airbnb it”? He had to do all the research, and even then, were the reviews genuine or scams? 

Thus, an idea sparked into creating Captain Experience where a one-click wonder takes you to new places, excursions and experiences, and it guarantees great captains with expertise and knowledge that will show you a good time! Since its launch in March 2020, Captain Experiences simplifies the process of connecting guides with people when it comes to hunting and fishing, both internationally or regionally.

Boat with people jumping off.

Courtesy of Captain Experiences

That’s the thing with technology — it’s powerful and can be used in lots of ways, but in this way, it gets you and yours outside somewhere you’ve never explored before, seeing something from a new perspective. This is the future of technology. Sometimes, we ironically have iPhones to thank for our time away from screens.

I asked the gentlemen at Captain Experiences how they feel about technological advancement and how it affects their business, and they feel it will grow with them the same way. Without technology, they wouldn’t exist today.

The Captain Experiences boys are no rookies to the social media game; they know it’s all the rage these days and that good quality videos and photos are like bugs to light with likes when it comes to Instagram and TikTok. These days, everyone can see everything and now, thanks to Captain Experiences, folks are seeing a lot more of nature instead of staying cooped up inside on their regularly scheduled technology addiction.

“We’ve automated everything from when you booked the trip to when you’re on it!” Co-founder Attison Barnes says. “We take all the weight off your plate so you can have all the fun.”

All of the listed guides on Captain Experiences have smartphones and post videos and photos so users know exactly what they’re getting themselves into when they book an excursion. 

Although clients use technology to book their trip, once they get outdoors, they forget they have a phone and spend eight hours away from it. You’re taking in the fresh air, looking straight up instead of straight down and resetting yourself. 

“Being active, exploring nature,” Newar says. “It’s really all of those things in one.”

Captain Experiences ties the great outdoors and technology together in a perfect user-friendly way. Utilizing their platform will ensure the next time you want a relaxing day out at sea fishing or a crazy day with your mates that you’ll have everything you need. 

It’s not every day that a website’s motive is to have you off your phone and enjoying the outdoors; that’s how you know you’re in good hands. 

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