Ambassador’s Corner: Wired Fitness & Rehab

By Billy Bosco – January 1, 2023
Brian Fitzsimmons

Hello there, Austin Fit Fam! It’s AFM ambassador Billy Bosco, and I’m here to tell you about my experience at Wired Fitness & Rehab, which provides a new technology and way to envision rehab and strength training. This is all thanks to the founder Rich Dougherty. 

As a trainer, I understand the importance of the mind-muscle contraction. Most people have a hard time activating the right muscle when doing a lift. Wired Fitness taught me there is so much more to it! They use a machine that has gel pads you can place on your body. The machine then sends different kinds of signals to stimulate the body. Some signals will make your muscles contract, and some signals will make your muscles lengthen. The science behind it is fascinating and what I just described is only the surface. So let me explain why this is important.

Billy exercising at Wired.

Our bodies are made up of electricity. We send signals from the brain to the muscle to lift weight. Your brain has a way to protect your body when it’s injured, though. For example, I had a minor pec injury that was preventing me from lifting my shoulder all the way overhead without my body moving to compensate. This is because my brain was trying to protect itself. So when Rich placed the pads on my chest and rear delts, the signals the machine sent were able to override my brain. I immediately noticed I was freely able to move my arm all the way up. Imagine the potential for people who are coming off injuries and need serious rehab?!

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The Workout

Each client gets a personal program made for them. Once you come in, the team evaluates your injuries and current limitations. Then, they put together a workout program to rewire your brain and body and begin building back the body. Using the signals from the machine, they then find out where your brain is limiting your range of motion and begin to rewire it. 

Billy doing a lunge at Wired.

My workout was centered around my legs. The gel pads were placed on my quads and glutes, and I performed four sets of squats with light weight. The contraction was insane, and there was such a subtle burn. The gel pads were then placed on my hamstrings, and I performed landmine squats with high intensity. The last move performed was an isometric lunge hold, and let me tell you, that was the most intense burn I’ve ever felt in my life. 

My Review

This is new, this works and, most importantly, this will make you sore! As a personal trainer, I can do a good amount to help fix someone’s posture and range of motion, physical therapists can do a lot more than I can, but Wired Fitness can do even more, and they can actually rewire your brain and override its own limitations! Those who will benefit the most from this are people who have injuries they need to rehabilitate. Even if you are healthy and active, I highly recommend trying this place out once. You won’t regret it!


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