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Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Kidd
June 1, 2021
A lot goes into what it takes to become a world champion wake surfer, not just once, but five times over. This month, we speak with local wakesurfing athlete Ashley Kidd, on all things...
Real Food Bar
June 1, 2021
Through our Zoom call, Anna Sullivan held up the palm of her hand.  “If you’re [not] familiar with how we do things there, we always like [to] point to a hand,” Sullivan says.  Anna...
Athlete Spotlight: David Garza
January 1, 2021
Behind his exterior of muscles and a big smile, Austin local David Garza is just as compassionate at heart as he lets on.  As one of Austin’s most motivated fitness instructors, Garza gladly admits...
Fighting for a Second Chance
January 1, 2021
Mixed martial arts is a brutal sport. The combination of fighting styles and the one-on-one setup make it perhaps the ultimate test of primal instinct, tactical skill and ability to take a hit. In...
From Tribulation to Triumph: The Inspiring Story of Thomas Jung
January 1, 2021
Every January, like clockwork, my feed gets flooded with flashy ads whose headlines are all trying to say the same thing: Get inspired for the new year! Get inspired with this new supplement! Get...
Athlete Spotlight: Julia Gschwind
December 15, 2020
Julia Gschwind is a boxer, martial artist, coach, mother and owner of the Austin Women’s Boxing Club in South Austin. Julia was also the San Francisco Golden Gloves Champion in 2000. After years of...
Mind and Movement
July 1, 2020
It is no secret our minds and bodies are part of one being, but when talking about health, we tend to separate our mental and physical selves. However, growing research suggests there is actually...
Movement That Matters
July 1, 2020
For these four Austinites, movement is not just a form of recreational fun and physical fitness but an integral aspect of their lives. From their livelihood to how they serve and uplift our community,...
Run Like Rowe
May 1, 2020
Local endurance athlete helps deliver necessities amongst COVID-19 pandemic — on foot. It doesn’t take long into a conversation with CC Rowe to realize she is an asset to the Austin community.  Not only...
Tough Chick
January 1, 2020
Melinda Vague is one tough cookie. Growing up, she could always be found outside, being active and playing sports. She went on to play tennis and dance, and as an adult, she quickly found...
Mother’s Day Special: Catching up with Brooke Stacey Parker
May 1, 2019
Last year, Brooke Stacey Parker modeled for our annual Swimsuit Issue. She was eight months pregnant with her first baby. Since last May, she has given birth to her son Luke and has a...
Protecting and Serving
August 31, 2018
People have been coming to Austin for over 10,000 years because the vast natural resources, fresh water, and distinct geology provide a unique spot for people to gather. While we can (and sometimes do)...
Athlete Spotlight: David Fuentes
August 31, 2018
At Austin Fit, we strive to know all the athletes among us in our community. David Fuentes is an elite distance runner and a member of the USATF Mountain Running Team. He was a...
Fit Kids
July 31, 2018
Whether it’s soccer or scootering, we love seeing Austin kids outside and playing this summer.
Turning  Tragedy into Triumph
June 1, 2018
After losing his father to alcoholism, Rob Dial dedicated himself to a life of altruism. Now a renowned performance coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, and viral video phenom, the Austin-based jack-of-all-trades is hoping to touch...
Making Waves
May 1, 2018
Created to curb the city’s mounting lifeguard shortages, SwimATX is helping East Austin teenagers realize their potential in the water and their communities.
Brooke Torres
April 1, 2018
This Runner isn't letting anything slow her down—including a cancer diagnosis
Former MotoGP Champ Now at COTA
April 1, 2018
We sit down with Kevin Schwantz to find out what it was like to compete in motogp for over a decade and what he’s up to in Austin now.
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