Cooking, Meals & Health: According to Kimberly Cobb & Amanda Tatom

By Katerina Cotroneo – November 1, 2022
Katerina Cotroneo

Just like us, influencers have busy schedules! Especially when you’re on the move all day and don’t have time to “graze” as you please, or if you travel frequently for work and don’t always have a full-blown kitchen at your disposal. It’s not an outlandish thought to mirror their habits as they’ve cultivated the skill of moving at a fast pace while keeping routine down pat. Staying full and energized is key to looking and feeling vitalized, whether or not you’re going viral. 

Here’s a glimpse into what ATX influencers, Kimberly Cobb and Amanda Tatom, go to for meals to keep their bodies fueled without taking up crazy amounts of time.

Kimberly Cobb – @kimberlycobb


Kimberly Cobb is an ATX influencer who is always on the go, in and out of events and promos, and constantly on the scene. At any event in Austin, you’ll see Cobb there, and you may even recognize her from TLC’s “I Love A Mama’s Boy.” As an everyday blogger, host of the podcast “My Lips Aren’t Sealed,” and overall busy bee doing daily tasks like the rest of us, Cobb has minimal time to cook, let alone meal prep. 

But when she does cook, one of her favorite meals to make is a quinoa or rice bowl that has a “comforting feel but with a healthy twist.” With a plain base, you can add anything from leftover Chinese food to pulled pork BBQ, but in this case, she added fresh veggies such as cucumber, bell peppers, red onion (pickled, if you want a zing), chickpeas, and feta on top of a hefty serving of quinoa with either greek dressing or tzatziki and grilled chicken for added protein. Then, just like Cobb, you have a delicious and nutritious way to get through your busy day! 

Cobb is the sweetest and has adoring fans, for good reason. Her Instagram has loads of content revolving around lifestyle, fashion and overall ATX. Cobb’s sense of humor is what drew me to her, and I’m sure all 90K+ of her Instagram followers can relate to that. She’s authentic and a breath of fresh air in the saturated feeds we see daily.

Amanda Tatom – @amandatatom


Amanda Tatom is a media freelancer who specializes in television and social media projects. She’s currently involved in fashion projects and hosts the “Adlibbing Life” podcast. Since she was 9 years old, Tatom has wanted to work in the TV industry and having grown up in Dallas, her first job was TV news. Eventually, she organically shifted into influencer-type media, and her career took off. 

Tatom’s approach to food is that “food is medicine.” She says, “The more we take care of our body daily, the less we have to take care of it later in life.” Her go-to favorite salad is a base of healthy mixed greens alongside a protein with plenty of healthy fat. In this instance, she used grass-fed beef, avocado oil, garlic, hummus, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocado, chili pistachios, hemp seeds, and Sir Kennington’s chile lime crema. Now, you’ve got yourself a fiesta salad that’s packed with nutrients! She says you don’t even need dressing when you fill it with good ingredients because it’s so good. 

Tatom is well-known in the ATX community and has been a staple in the local media for years. If you don’t recognize the name, I’m sure you recognize her gorgeous face!

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, actor, model or even none of the above and just want to try a new recipe, this is your opportunity! One thing we all have in common is that the food we put in our bodies directly impacts the energy we have. 

Influencers are people who are always smiling and have kindness radiating from within, on and off the screens, so I’ll certainly be taking a page from these two’s dietary playbooks and testing out these recipes in the near future. 

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