Q&A: A Conversation With Local Mountain Biker Bradyn Lange

By Katerina Cotroneo – April 1, 2023
Orange Seal

Bradyn Lange always knew some kind of bike was in his future, but living in Austin with the picturesque paths and incredible weather helped him realize that mountain bikes would be the path for him. 

As a 22-year-old, Lange was selected for the Life Time Grand Prix, making him the youngest rider in the series; he won one of the six races in 2022. Today, he continues to race and is currently competing in the Cross Country Olympics (XCO).

Riding has been a major part of the Lange family lineage as Lange’s father Doug was a professional motocross rider for years. Lange started on bikes at 2 years old, making it almost “second nature” to him. 

As a younger rider, Lange admits he had a more laid-back approach to riding. However, that didn’t stop him from succeeding in the sport. While he was a freshman at Lake Travis High School, he finished his first high school race in first place with a flat tire around his neck and five minutes out from the next competitor. In his early days of racing, he trained with the “LAME” team from Lakeway Area Mountain Bike Enthusiasts. He says they helped him keep racing fun, which is how it should be.

Since then, he’s participated in several races across the world including the Chequamegon 40 in Wisconsin. From race courses in Italy, Michigan, California, Utah and Austria, Lange gets to see the world from the mountains and in a way unlike any of us.  

I got the chance to speak with Lange about his experience riding.

Katerina Cotroneo: Tell me a little about your career as a racer and what you’re currently doing.

Bradyn Lange: I’m lucky to be sponsored by SCOTT Bikes and Orange Seal, and I’m currently at a training camp in Spain with the Orange Seal Academy and coach Dennis Van Winden, the best of the best are out here. (My) training is vigorous, (my) meals are very specific to (my) endurance and mileage, and the days are long. I have to be very hydrated practically always and, essentially, I have no time for socializing during race season. I ride miles and miles on end in different terrain to ensure I can be prepared for any condition, rain or shine. Even though it’s intense, it’s a lot of fun and something I’ve always dreamed of.

KC: What are your future plans for your mountain bike career? 

BL: I’m following my dreams and living out my family’s legacy of racing across the globe and training with the best of the best. You really don’t reach don’t hit prime riding age till (your) early thirties, so I’m excited to see what’s to come and just continue to try my best.

KC: As a biker of 10+ years, any advice for anybody looking to get into the sport? 

BL: You’re never too late in the game! I’ve known people (who) never knew how to even ride bikes (who) have raced locally and it’s great! This sport really brings people together; it’s judgment free. Find a crew, join a club, get a bike, and give (it) a shot — it’s that easy and, especially in Austin, it’s a lot of fun.

KC: How would you credit your success? 

BL: Definitely my family and the LAME guys, they all worked hard to train with me in the early days and always kept it fun and lighthearted; that’s how it should be — I’m looking at you Scot, Kelly and Smitty. My parents Gina and Doug both were volunteer coaches all throughout high school making it family-oriented, literally.

Though Lange makes mountain biking look and sound easy, Lange says there have been races where he’s sled through the finish line covered in mud from head to toe sliding to the end and others where he’s come through with a flat tire around his neck while it snows.

Overall, it seems for Lange, there was no better place to learn the sport than on our 512 soil and the very trails all around our city. With years to go until he hits his “peak,” there’s no telling how high the ceiling is for him and where he’ll go, but Lange hopes to enjoy the “ride” nonetheless. 

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