New to Austin: The Atomic Outpost

By Sponsored by: Atomic Athlete – February 1, 2020

How many times have you waited all day to get your workout in only to get caught in traffic or stuck at work? Now you’re late, or even worse you’ve missed the class you’ve been looking forward to all day.

And not only did you miss your workout, how much time did you waste driving across town?

Ultimately you have to ask yourself, ‘is there anything more important in your life than your time?’ There isn’t. And it was from this simple concept that The Atomic Outpost was born.

A brainchild from the team that brought Austin, Atomic Athlete, The Outpost is Austin’s first and only completely open-garage gym with high-quality programming.

The Outpost has leveraged technology to give you remote access to the facility through an app on your phone from 5 a.m.-11 p.m., seven days a week. In addition they provide the same premier programming that Atomic Athlete has been using for over a decade to train athletes all over the world.


The Outpost is a 4,000 square-foot training facility in North Austin just south of the Domain.

Members have access to an array of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sleds, battle ropes, tires, bumper plates, squat racks, climbing ropes, rings, power lifting equipment, rowers, bikes, a turfed backyard, changing room, therapy rooms and a shower.

There is also a pro shop that sells clothing, protein and pre workout — you simply check yourself out with the kiosk and you are good to go.

The true beauty of The Outpost is that you can use the facility whenever you want to and can do whatever type of training you want there.

On any given day Olympic lifters will be training next to Crossfitters, training next to marathon runners, next to Special Forces soldiers, spin instructors, hockey players or soccer moms. The commonality all of these athletes have is a dedication to improving their fitness and The Outpost provides the platform for this to happen.


The power of The Outpost is the programming. If you don’t know, programming is the daily training sessions or workouts, and Atomic Athlete has been setting the standard for quality programming for over a decade. The training Atomic provides is not only designed to challenge you physically and mentally, but also keep you safe and show you how to train smarter. The Outpost provides five complementary training sessions each week. The programming for the following week is emailed to all of the athletes every Friday with an exercise library. This lets you as the athlete know, not only what you are going to be doing that week, but also gives the ability to see what exercises or movements are going to be performed.

The Outpost not only shows you what you are doing, but educates you on why you are training these fitness attributes. It gives you the what, why and how to help you train smarter.

Injured or can’t perform an exercise? No problem, you can email a coach and they will give you an exercise substitution or modify a program as needed.

The current programming not aligning with your fitness goals? No problem the main website, has over 70 different programs for a wide variety of fitness goals available for individual purchase.

In addition to having the programming on your phone it’s broadcasted on TV’s at the facility, along with an IPAD that gives you access to the exercise library.

When available, Atomic Athlete Certified Coaches walk the floor to answer questions, critique technique, give coaching cues and sometimes even jump in on a workout with you.


The Outpost does offer limited classes (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:30 p.m.).

For those that can’t make classes and still want the sense of group training, The Outpost has a private Facebook group that connects you with other athletes. This allows athletes to meet and knock out training sessions together on their time as well as keep members up to date on things going on in the gym.

Being part of The Outpost also makes you part of the larger Atomic Athlete family. Both gyms get together at least once a month for happy hours, community events, group workouts, hikes, teaching events and anything else that is beneficial for the community.

The Atomic Outpost has a clear vision of wanting you to be able to train when you want — at a premium facility — with the best programming available at a price point that doesn’t break the bank.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to an open gym model? Try a week for free on them before signing up.

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