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Your New Office (Workout) Routine

It’s a typical COVID-19, “new norm” workday in my backyard detached office (thank goodness this house had one when we bought it years ago). I see…

AFM tejas trails
Trail Reunions with Tejas Trails

As you know, a few months ago, certain businesses were deemed “essential” and others “non-essential.” This led me down a very unwanted, but in the end,…

AFM Hand Soap
Natural Products: Why to Switch

Natural body care products are more accessible than ever. Now, they’re affordable and easily found at local grocery stores. But why switch to a natural product?…

Getting Back Into the Swing

Over the past several months, the game of golf has continued to be one of the only sports we can continue to safely enjoy. Although the…

AFM healthy diet in 2020
What a Healthy Diet Looks Like in 2020

Gluten-free diet, paleo diet, cabbage soup diet, alkaline diet, HCG diet, South Beach diet, blood type diet, keto diet, raw food diet–the list could go on.…

AFM komen
Making Lemonade During a Pandemic

Life can toss us lemons. Take a breast cancer diagnosis, a pandemic, and treatment complications and you have a good case for going sour. But add…

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