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January 1, 2023
When your fitness business is built on cultivating a strong community, what happens when the world is thrown into a completely new orbit, with indoor group classes forced to close? The pandemic was challenging...
December 1, 2022
According to a 2020 Planet Fitness survey conducted, 91% of Americans made fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. In preparation for 2023, you may be thinking of doing the same. Since the pandemic, gyms have opened...
March 1, 2020
There’s nothing worse than going to the gym and realizing that you’ve forgotten to pack something crucial. After getting to the gym or even after working up a sweat, the last thing you need...
February 1, 2020
How many times have you waited all day to get your workout in only to get caught in traffic or stuck at work? Now you’re late, or even worse you’ve missed the class you’ve...
July 31, 2019
After living in Austin for even a short amount of time, just a drive down South Lamar or Guadalupe could make you suspect that certain spots around town are cursed. Buildings with some of...
July 29, 2019
If you’re looking to join a gym, first of all, congratulations! You’ve taken the first step in improving your health and fitness. But how do you know if the facility you choose is right...

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