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An Animal-Themed Workout For Kids
August 1, 2022
Encouraging kids to stay active through the hot summer months might sound as much fun to them as summer school, but what if they were prowling through the jungle instead? Jumping into a pond?...
This Social Circus Helps Austin Youth Rise to Their Potential
August 1, 2022
For the past 17 years, Callie Brown has struggled with anxiety. On top of that, she was diagnosed with autism early this year, making it sometimes a challenge for her to do daily activities....
Are Plant-Based Diets Safe For Your Kid?
August 1, 2022
Diets are becoming an increasingly popular trend, not only in Austin but across the country. However, are these diets safe to follow on a regular basis, especially for children? Many think diets like veganism...
The Role of Creativity in Fitness
August 1, 2022
Often, creativity is assumed to be something only for painters, artists or musicians. However, it’s also for the biker, soccer player, dancer, archer, weightlifter and climber — all of whom press on to a...
Little Yogis Bring Peace to Austin Through Yoga Peace School
August 1, 2022
An Dang was enthused to hear that her daughter’s teachers noticed her heightened emotional intelligence and how it compared to other students. The reason being? Yoga. Aside from the physical benefits of developing motor...
Speaking About Your Body In Front of Children
August 1, 2022
In many years of training clients, one unfortunate recurring theme pops up, particularly in female clients. The details change slightly, but the overall message is the same — they dislike their body, have a...
Why Acupuncture and Cupping Are Great For Kids
August 1, 2022
Oftentimes, we autopilot to find solutions in the same ways that those who were around us while we were growing up did. If your family turned to Western medicine a lot, perhaps you do...
The Benefits of Outdoor Learning Environments
August 1, 2022
Watching children at recess can sometimes seem like watching chaos personified. But the seemingly nonsensical stories and worlds they create are actually quite important to a child’s development. While they may not be learning...
Meet the Man Behind Capital City Soccer Club
August 1, 2022
Patrick Miller, the founder and Director of Coaching of Capital City Soccer Club, felt his most comfortable on the soccer field from a young age. Miller grew up in the Dallas area with two...
An Exploration of the Thinkery
February 1, 2022
Thinkery, originally Austin Children’s Museum, is an answer to parents’ pleas about “educational fun.” This play-based interactive museum located in Austin’s Mueller neighborhood will keep your kids entertained for hours while also teaching them...
Food Advice for Parents
November 1, 2021
Nutrition: It can seem simple, yet complicated, no matter your age. Throw in a hungry baby, picky toddler or growing teenager and things can seem even trickier for parents. But finding that balance for...
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