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Highlighting the UT Rowing Team
May 1, 2022
It is 6 a.m. near Lady Bird Lake, and the faint smell of sunscreen slowly fills the air. The University of Texas Rowing team is no stranger to an early morning workout, especially during...
A “Crow-nection”
May 1, 2020
The Austin Crows unite culture, physical achievement and community in the ultimate sport. Texans pride themselves on their reputation of having country roots and resilient grit. Yet, with the exception of phenomenal BBQ, two-stepping...
The Power of Sports For Youth
April 3, 2020
Two Austin nonprofits work to bring equal access to sports to under-resourced children. When the bell releases kids from class at the end of the day, students race out of the classroom. With backpacks...
Youth Sport Specialization: Filling the Gaps in Youth Athletic Development
October 1, 2019
Sports specialization is defined as intense, year-round training in a single sport with the exclusion of other sports. Let’s face the facts. Early specialization is here to stay for various reasons whether we like...
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