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Todd’s Tips to Slow Down Aging

I’m going to start with a warning. When I speak to live audiences and share what I’m about to share with you, it sometimes really resonates…

Introducing AOMA and Integrative Medicine

        AOMA’s name, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, echoes the movement toward an integrative, holistic approach to healthcare involving practitioners of both Western and Asian medicine.…

The Mind of a Climber

Imagination, mindfulness and confidence are not commonly associated with strength and conditioning when training for a sport. However, Tonde Katiyo, director of route setting and coach…

Nutrition Done the Livable Way

Each year, Americans spend roughly $33 billion on diets and weight management strategies. Every option has a common denominator: they’re all short-term solutions. Diets are designed…

Healthy Streets Initiative

Austin has always been known as a city on the move. Even in the sweltering Texas heat, it is not uncommon to find people out and…

What You Need to Know About Blue Zones

There have been five locations around the world deemed hot spots, or “Blue Zones”, where people have been known to live the longest. Here’s what you…

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