Letter From The Publisher

By AFM Team – May 1, 2023

Dear Reader,

What is a magazine? Webster’s Dictionary defines a magazine as “a print periodical containing miscellaneous pieces (such as articles, stories, poems) and often illustrated.” As digital media consumption continues to rise, we continue to ask ourselves what is the best way to deliver our (magazine) content to our readership.

In 2020, we were forced to halt printing as distribution networks were shut down and storefronts were closed due to the rising threat of the COVID pandemic. We quickly transitioned our publication to deliver our magazine with a digital first mindset, anticipating the disruption could potentially last longer than initially expected. Of course, we did not see the extent to which this would impact our business in the longterm. Today, nearly 70% of our readers consume Austin Fit Magazine on a mobile phone. Let’s take a look at what a magazine article from the April 2023 issue looks like on our website on a mobile phone – we’ll use the Recipe of the Month.

Recipe on iphone

To read the content, you to zoom in and move the screen around.  Honestly, it’s not a great reading experience, and we recognize that.  In this issue, we’re trying something new.  This letter, for example, allows you to scroll vertically to read content while maintaining the page swipe functionality of a digital magazine to turn the page.  For an even better reading experience, download our iOS app from the App Store!

Moving forward, we hope to grow as a useful resource in the community for everything related to health and fitness. From local running races or cycling events, gyms or studios, we want to be your Austin resource.

Thank your for being a supporter of Austin Fit Magazine.  We sincerely love promoting and inspiring health living in the community and will continue the mission into the future.

Keep Austin Fit!

The AFM Team


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