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By Sponsored by: E+E Fitness – January 1, 2020

E+ E Fitness is the hottest fitness studio on the east side of Austin for your total body workouts.  The studio offers the best bootcamp and kickboxing classes in Austin for beginners or fitness fanatics. E + E’s experienced instructors create fun, varied workouts that have proven results and the entire staff is friendly and welcoming. For a more customized workout try a one-on-one with one of Austin’s premier private kickboxing and personal trainers using state of the art equipment.

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Kickboxing Series:

In this kickboxing series and in any E + E class you can expect a full-body workout for all skill levels that pairs kickboxing technique and body weight exercises. Start with kickboxing to get your heart rate up then move to the weighted exercises in the bootcamp series.

1. Switch Kick

Start in a regular fighting stance, which means your dominant foot should be in rear. Switch your feet and hips quickly, spinning all the way through. You want to stay level and push off the balls of your feet, throw your hips into the air while making contact with your shin onto the bag. Rear arm  should be protecting the face with your opposite arm is positioned straight back.

2. Band Skaters

Place a resistance band around the wrist. Be sure to keep your elbows up. As you perform the movement note that the same arm and leg will extend simultaneously. Keep leaning forward to a 45-degree angle with your upper body during your sideways jumps.

3. Jumping Round Kick

This move is best used as an offensive counter stack. From a neutral fighting stance Hop off of your lead leg and lift that knee as high up as you can, keeping the knee of your kicking foot slightly bent forward. As you twist your hips into the kick, extend your leg fully allowing your shin to make contact with the bag. The lead arm should be near the face while the rear arm is fully extended. Land on the left leg with your foot flat.

4. Shovel Hook to the Body

From a basic fighting stance slightly drop your hips. You want to use the torque generated from the lower body after twisting back (just a bit) then lower your forearm and drive all the way through firing into the body.

5. Partner Banded knee

One person will be holding the resistance band in a low squat. To land the knee you will thrust your hips forward while leaning back to generate the forward momentum. The goal of the forward knee is to drive your knee straight through your opponent’s abdomen. In doing this, push your hips forward while leaning your upper body back and come onto the ball of the foot that remains on the ground.

Bootcamp Series:

In this bootcamp-inspired series you will use a lot of the unique equipment that can be found at E + E Fitness. The workout is designed to work every muscle group and build strength throughout your body. You can always choose to modify with heavier and lighter weights depending on how you feel.

1. Dead Wall Balls

Standing twice arms length from the wall, position the feet in a sumo deadlift stance. Hinge forward while dropping the hips to grab the slam ball. As you stand up with the ball, drive the hips forward and transfer the energy from the legs and hips into the ball and against the wall in an explosive manner. The ball will hit and fall to the floor at which point you should hinge back into position for the following reps.

2. Barbell Reverse Lunges

With the barbell placed across the shoulders and traps, maintain a tight core and a proud chest as you lunge back out of a squat stance. Keep the distance wide as you lunge back with the goal of getting the knee all the way to the ground. Be sure to stay active on the toe as you push off the ground and back into a standing position with feet ready for a traditional squat. The front leg should exert as much effort as possible firing through the quad and glute to come to a standing position.

3. Reverse Hypers

Lay on top of a box with the core tight and a proud chest. The thighs and knees should come all the way to the box with a 90-degree bend in the knees and the feet in a dorsi-flexed position. As you extend the legs back, fire through the glutes to raise the feet as high as possible. Squeeze the glutes as much as possible with a slight pause at the top of the motion. Return the thighs and knees to the starting position against the box.

4. Negative Chin-ups

Find a box that allows you to start at the very top of the motion with the chest as close to or touching the bar as possible. With an underhand grip, hold onto the bar with hands shoulder width apart, elbows tight against the rib cage. With a tight core, step back off the box and take the toes and trace the side of the box all the way down to the bottom of the position until the biceps are by the ears. Fighting gravity, lower yourself as slowly as possible. Use the box to step up back to the starting position.

5. Turkish Get Ups

Laying on the ground, hold one dumbbell up toward the ceiling. Whichever hand is holding the dumbbell, bend that same side leg bringing the foot flat on the floor near the hips with the opposite side leg and arm flat against the floor and slightly angled from the body. Use these six steps to complete the movement, keeping the arm locked out and the dumbbell reaching up to the ceiling. Roll up onto your elbow. Push up onto your palm. Raise the hips as high as possible. Sweep the straight leg under you with the knee below you and the foot behind you. Come to a kneeling position. Stand up all the way. Reverse the steps to come back down to the ground.


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