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Kicking Your Way to a Fun Cardio Workout
April 15, 2022
If you’re looking for a fun and effective cardio workout that’s great for any fitness level, doesn’t require special skills or equipment, gets the heart pumping and torches calories, kickboxing is a great option!...
Kick Mo’s Butt at Knockout Kickboxing
February 1, 2021
When AFM assigned Knockout Kickboxing for my February KMB feature, I immediately contacted a good friend and kickboxing coach, Jason Echols of Echols Fitness here in San Antonio, and asked if he would put...
Athlete Spotlight: David Garza
January 1, 2021
Behind his exterior of muscles and a big smile, Austin local David Garza is just as compassionate at heart as he lets on.  As one of Austin’s most motivated fitness instructors, Garza gladly admits...
Workout Of The Month: E + E Fitness
January 1, 2020
E+ E Fitness is the hottest fitness studio on the east side of Austin for your total body workouts.  The studio offers the best bootcamp and kickboxing classes in Austin for beginners or fitness...
Workout of the Month
July 31, 2019
This month, we got an inside look at KNOCKOUT’s signature kickboxing class. Put these moves into action on your own heavy bag or at your next KNOCKOUT class. Knockout 512.520.4050 knockoutaustin.com 1211 W 6th...
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