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How to Practice Mindfulness in Strength Training
October 1, 2022
Strength training is a pretty straightforward modality — you lift challenging weights while focusing on progressive overload over time to make your body stronger. There is a science to programming and there are a...
Strength Training at Home 101
September 20, 2022
Through the chaos of the last couple of years, more people than ever are finding the value in having a home gym. So many are working from home, and with family and other commitments,...
Structuring Your Strength Workouts
April 12, 2022
Getting to the gym might be the easy part, but what to do now that you’re there? You’ve got a general idea of what your goals are — strength, muscle, energy — but no...
Bridging the Gap Between Women and Strength Training
February 9, 2022
Even before the world of social media influencers and #fitspo, women have been inundated with bad fitness advice and given the message that working out is about how we look — that how we...
Strength Training vs. HIIT
July 1, 2021
For the past 20 years, HIIT training (high intensity interval training) has taken over as one of the most popular ways to train in the fitness industry. It is fast, tough and trendy, all...
Running Together
April 4, 2020
Austin has great trails, great weather and great people — making it a no-brainer to get out and join a running club. With so many options, we put together a list of the free...
Workout Of The Month: E + E Fitness
January 1, 2020
E+ E Fitness is the hottest fitness studio on the east side of Austin for your total body workouts.  The studio offers the best bootcamp and kickboxing classes in Austin for beginners or fitness...
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