February 2019

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What’s your Gut Type?

You know your blood type, your body type and your skin type…but what about your gut type?

Easy on the Eyes

How screens are impacting our health and what you should do about it

Dangers of Deodorant

The ingredients to lose and choose when buying a deodorant

Lifting for Life

Overall muscle balance is essential to injury-proofing endurance training.

Heart Rate Social

A new way to find your gym partner

Workout of the Month

It’s marathon month and Cap10K is around the corner, and whether you’re a seasoned runner or only buy running shoes because they’re stylish, we’ve curated the best running workout for all levels.

A Texas Cup that Strives for Equality

Has gender equality in prize payout finally arrived for Texas bike racing? A few good men are seeing that it does.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

This healthy recipe is a best seller at True Food Kitchen and it’s sure to be a hit in your home kitchen, too.

Personal Trainer Guide

Whether it’s a smiley cheerleader-type or a firm disciplinarian that you’re looking for, we’ve got your perfect personal trainer.

Flu Fighting Foods

The foods you eat can help keep you well through flu season.

The Score Is Love-Love

How these couples met their match through the game of tennis.

On Pointe

Even the most graceful of stages holds some of the strongest champions.

Continuing the Tradition

The success of The University of Texas’ Track and Field team lies in the hands of a new man, Head Coach, Edrick Floréal.

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