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By AFM Staff (SPONSORED) – January 31, 2019

Chris “Protein” Leach, ISSA-CPT

5716 W US Hwy 290
Austin, TX 78735

Chris “Protein” Leach is a personal trainer and the founder of Chris Protein Personal Training, a team of certified, world-class personal trainers in Austin, Texas. Since 2012 he has been helping people get in their best shape ever and feel healthy, confident, and strong.

“I believe that personal training should be more than just an hour of working out a couple of times a week, so we put together a full plan that encompasses exercise, nutrition, mindset, and recovery. All programs are customized to the client, so we utilize a wide variety of tools in the gym such as free weights, barbells, kettlebells, bands, and functional equipment to get the best results possible. We also provide habits and techniques that can be used outside of the gym to improve your nutrition, mindset, health, and performance.
We’ll not only work on improving a persons physical capabilities and appearance, but also on helping them develop a positive relationship with fitness. We’ll work together with them to create a program that is fun, safe, and effective, and that also keeps them motivated and feeling good about themselves for their entire fitness journey.”
If you are ready to take the next step and start feeling strong, healthy, and fit, you can go to or call us at 512-518-1180 to get more information or schedule your first session.

Katy Leigh of PE Fitness
904 N Lamar

Katy Leigh is the owner, founder and head trainer of PE Fitness Studio. She is a fifth generation local Austinite with over ten years of experience in personal training. This is her first personal training studio, but she has led bootcamps, coached CrossFit, and taught group classes including spin.

PE Fitness is a personal training studio located in downtown Austin with an intimate coaching staff. Katy Leigh shares her philosophy.

“We have created a private studio environment focused on achieving your goals at your own pace. At PE we believe that fitness should be individualized and give guidance every step of the way.”

“Our training philosophy is similar to P.E. class when you were a kid, and that is to make fitness fun again! Utilizing bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, and barbells, the PE method will help you achieve lean muscle mass that will support you in your everyday life. The goal is to keep you safe, get your body stronger, feel really good and love who you see in the mirror!”

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Shea Boland


Shea Boland is a private personal trainer based out of downtown Austin. He received his certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine two years ago and since then has been working hard to change the lives of those around him who need guidance with their fitness goals. Boland is self-employed but trains the majority of his clients out of south central Austin’s famous HEAT Bootcamp.

“HEAT is such an amazing studio to work with because not only do my clients and I get to use their beautiful, fully equipped gym, but they’ve also allowed me the freedom and support to create my own business,” Boland says. “I’m really grateful to be a part of the HEAT family and work alongside the best of the best.”

Boland has a wide range of clientele. Everyone from a young, sport-specific athlete to a paraplegic who wants to stay active.

“My ideal client is anyone who is really in touch with the frustration of feeling stagnant and wants to do whatever it takes to move forward to reclaim their health. This discontentment is the primary driver in the beginning of their journey. With my help, it turns into empowerment where being active becomes less of a burden and more of an opportunity. An opportunity to tap into something much greater that will have a positive ripple effect on every area of their life.”

Boland feels that aesthetic changes in the body are secondary to the importance of cultivating feelings of empowerment.

“I’m a firm believer that self-love doesn’t start when you achieve fat loss, muscle gain or when you win that golfing trophy…it starts now.”

As an advocate of self-compassion, Boland strives to use the power of genuine relationships with his clients that promote contentment throughout their fitness journey.

“This is not something that’s talked about too often, the results people so desperately want are not happening in the future. They are happening in the present moment. So, it’s my job to help them to start falling in love with the journey. And that starts by shifting their mindset a bit more into the present moment.”

On a more practical level, Boland’s training style can be described as standard yet very intuitive.

“All of my sessions are curated in a way that is unique to the client. I find that perfect balance between getting them out of their comfort zone but also not making them feel defeated. I focus on getting my clients proficient with the six major human movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull and carry) and also put a huge focus on metabolic conditioning. I’m a big fan of circuit training that’s designed in a way that is strategic for their goals and makes them feel like they earned that high-five at the end!”


Megan Knight


Megan Knight is a personal trainer based in downtown Austin. Her fitness career started as a spin and kickboxing instructor and led her to want to work with clients on a more personal level. After overcoming her own struggle with eating disorders, she is using fitness to help others overcome their individual struggles. Her belief behind her training is there so much more to gain from a workout than just physical strength.
“Megan truly cares and loves fitness but understands the importance of not killing yourself in the gym, listening to your body, and finding balance individual to her client. She’s respectful and caring, but will definitely kick your butt.”


Generator Athlete Lab

At Generator we have your goals in mind with one-on-one personal training and small group training. Our trainers bring years of experience and can help you create a plan for 2019. For the month of February we’re offering unlimited small group training at $119/month! ($169 value). Where else can you train and recover? When you work with our team of trainers at Generator, you also gain access to the most proven athletic recovery tools on the market. Cold/hot plunge pools, infrared sauna, compression therapy garments, and on-site massage speed up your recovery time and get you back to training faster.


Willy Ross

Coach Willy Ross has been a part of the cycling and Austin fitness community since the 90’s, working at the Hills Fitness Center, Spa At the Lake (Lakeway) and Pure Austin Fitness. Professionally, these days he splits his time between fitness training, race promotion, on-the-bike coaching, massage therapy and in-home gym design. All services are offered in-home or on-location for the ultimate convenience. Whether you’re looking for a session to help you self-start or a package of sessions to kick off the new year, let him know how he can tailor a quote to best fit your needs.


Amber Reber of Rise Runner

Amber Reber is the founder and coach of Rise Runner, which offers holistic coaching for youth and adults, encouraging development in body, mind, and spirit.
Reber is a former UT cross-country and track athlete, and is currently a trail and distance runner. She also has a dual Masters degree in social work and divinity. Reber brings dynamic energy and specializes in individualized training, in both personal and group settings.
With over ten years coaching experience in the Austin community, she promotes a love for running and fitness, especially in youth programs. Reber coached Regents High School cross-country, UT sports camps, FCA leadership camps, Dell Children’s survivor challenge family program, corporate groups and more. Passionate about running, she hopes to inspire others — young and old, fast and slow, competitive and recreational — to rise every day anew and to reach their goals.
Rise Up! …Coach Amber


Joe Abeel

Joe Abeel is a Texas native who does fitness “house-calls” where he can train you in your own space, as well as in-depth personal or small-group training at 5 Fitness in Rollingwood. As a Titleist Performance golf trainer, Abeel can also help you explore improving your golf game. Abeel takes a personalized approach to your training program design. He emphasizes strength and conditioning with a focus on postural restoration and improving body mechanics, for life and the links.
In addition, Abeel is a kettlebell enthusiast and takes a personal interest in what your body needs to be functionally successful for longevity. Abeel is educated in the body’s rotational and vertical movement, be it athletic or otherwise, and can help you increase your functional potential. He aims to meet your wants, but more importantly your bodies needs. Abeel works with clients from young adulthood to retirement.



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