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By The Loop Running Supply and Gilbert’s Gazelles (SPONSORED) – January 31, 2019
photography by Brian Fitzsimmons


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It’s always important to warm up before any kind of exercise. Here are five start-up moves recommended by Coach Gilbert Tuhabonye of Gilbert’s Gazelles.



1) Knee Tucks
Keeping one leg balanced, pull the other leg in to your chest. Alternate legs slowly (pictured above).

2) Side Shuffle
Turn to the side and quickly shuffle the length of your workout space. Switch sides (for a more advanced modificate, do the Grapevine, pictured).

3) Knee Skip
Skip, keeping your back straight and bringing your knees into your chest with each skip.

4) Butt Kicks
Run slowly, bringing your heels as close to your glutes as you can.

5) High Knees
Run slowly, bringing your knees into your chest with each step.


The Workout

1) Hill Sprints
Running long distances isn’t for everyone but few exercises are as effective as hill sprints. Find your local hilltop and pick your own poison. 

Run the hill 4-8 times or until fatigued. 

2) Hill Sprints Continued
Walk, Jog or Run  (10 minutes out and back, 20 minutes total). Go at your own pace and stop for water breaks when you can. 


Cool Down

A well rounded and healthy workout always includes a cool down.

1) Quad Stretch
Balance on one foot and pull your heel to your glute (pull from your shin rather than your ankle). Switch legs.

2) Hamstring Stretch
Extend one leg out on a raised area such as a bench or wall and keeping your foot flexed lean towards your foot. Switch legs. 

3) Side Lunge
Lunge side to side keeping your knees over your toes.

4)  Foot Drills
Foot health is so important! Do these two drills as part of your cool down to keep those feet moving.

Calf raises 
Using your balance, rise onto the balls of both of your feet then lower. Repeat 10 times. 

Side foot stretch
From standing, roll onto the side of one foot, stretching your ankle muscles. Switch feet.



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