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Clean Food, Clear Skin?

What you eat can often show up on your face.

Preparing for 2013 AFM FITTEST

Training classes to help you get fit for FITTEST

The Future of Fitness

Forecasting the newest health technology

Coach Carrie's Triathlon Transition Tips

Feeding an Olympian

What does it really take to be an Olympian?

Cycling Team Profile

ATC women learn what it really takes to race

Lines on a Track

Ever wondered what all those lines on a track are for?

Binge Eating Disorder

Overeating could be more than just an indulgence

Moves for Better Acceleration

Purpose-driven training can enhance performance

The Couple That Plays Together...

Getting ready for the Couples Tri is twice as nice

Coach's Angels

What it takes to be a boxer.

Don’t Always Listen to the Pros

Why you shouldn't always train as the pros do.

Track Star Leo Manzano Embodies the American Dream

Track Olympian Leo Madison shares his story.

Eat, Sleep, Swim

More than a swim family

Southwest Omelet

Omelets are not only for breakfast; they can be a quick protein-rich dinner to serve when preparation time is short.

Putting Sprints into Your Diet

How high intensity drills can help burn calories

Knee and Cartilage Rebuilding

What treatments may be able to do for joint repair

Nirvana or Nonsense: The future of fitness

A letter from the publisher about what he sees in fitness' future.

Kentucky Derby Style: A Day at the Races

Keeping the stables fun and stylish this Kentucky Derby.

Spring Showers, May Flowers

Sometimes we need a little help to break out of our hygiene routine.

21st Century Cycling

Exciting new features in Austin's biking scene

Attitude and Breathing

Using your lungs to improve your breathing.

Healthy Homes & Living Guide

Local companies that will improve the wellness of your home

AFM Fittest Nutrition Series

Why what you eat can have such a big impact on your workouts.

By the Numbers: April 2013

Fools we all love and silly past predictions

The Pulse

Everything you want to know about spring in Austin

An Everyday Guy Goes Long for Charity

One man runs all day for the homeless

AFMDC Winners

Congrats to all who finished the AFM Distance Challenge!