The Pulse: April 2013

By AFM – April 9, 2013

ThongGuy2Top 5 Signs of Spring in Austin

1. Eeyore’s Birthday – What started as a picnic for the English department at UT has exploded into a festival for hippies, families, bands, May poles, and general good times. This year, Eeyore’s Birthday Party celebrates fifty years.

2. Buda Country Fair and Weiner Dog Races – Rescued dachshunds get their chance to shine in front of thousands who come for this unique sporting event.

3. Wildflower Eruptions – Over 5,000 species of wildflowers paint the fields of Texas Hill Country, creating backdrops for dare we say millions of Texas family photo shoots.

4. Thong Guy – You’ll see him on his daily walks in the neighborhood or riding his bike around town, naked save for his (we hope) trusty thong.

5. Hipster Invasion – SXSW brings them out of their interior spaces; you’ll find hipsters sprouting up at outdoor coffee spaces, in trailer food parks, and on retro chic bicycles all over town.


BookBitBook Bit

From American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies by Michael W. Kauffman

“Thousands of people filed into the new Capitol rotunda to view the remains of Abraham Lincoln. They lined up for more than a mile, standing quietly and respectfully for hours just to get one final, momentary glimpse of their fallen president. One observer was struck by the way ‘the refined and cultured walked by the side of poor untutored and lately emancipated slaves, each seemingly oblivious to the presence [of the] other.’ Many wept, and some left small tokens of their grief. A good many kissed the coffin as they passed.”


Shower Scenes

Weird Science: The classic ‘80s movie about two nerdy boys creating the perfect woman makes the chart as a hilarious shower scene: “Showering’s real fun isn’t it?”

Psycho: Someone plays the familiar musical riff and we get chills. This shower scene helped define modern horror film editing.

Starship Troopers: This high-budget sci-fi movie had males of all ages flocking to the theatres (maybe the coed shower scene had something to do with it).


Chill Playlist for a rainy day
(AFM's Spotify)

1. I Can See Clearly Now — Bob Marley
2. Breathe — Alexi Murdoch
3. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain — Willie Nelson
4. Chill Out Tent — The Hold Steady
5. April Showers — Math and Physics Club
6. Rainy Day — Keller Willaims
7. Your Hand In Mine — Explosions in the Sky
8. Terminally Chill — Neon Indian
9. Burn One Down — Ben Harper
10. Who'll Stop The Rain — Creedence Clearwater Revival

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