By the Numbers: April 2013

By AFM – April 9, 2013

This month we focus on the future of Austin as well as some foolish endeavors and predictions from the past. We also throw in a couple of fools whom we all know and love.


Pages in the “Imagine Austin” plan booklet—the city’s design for the future of Austin’s economy, social scene, and much more


Year, BCE, that the Romans believed the world was going to end


Year of Austin’s 200th anniversary


Number of people in thousands expected to be added to Austin’s population by 2039


Billions of dollars recommended to be contributed to the 2035 Regional Transportation Plan, which would improve/add highways, pedestrian trails and walkways, and public transportation


Year “I Love Lucy” premiered, giving a platform to characters who would become some of America’s most memorable (and loveable) fools


Number of entries on Wikipedia for past apocalyptic predictions that didn’t come true


Date in December 2012 on which the Mayan calendar—but not the world—ended


Dollars most recently paid for “The Fool,” a Gibson guitar originally designed for Eric Clapton


Total customers who purchased Kardashian Prepaid Debit Kards before they were cancelled due to public lack of reception


Days the teen site existed before going out of business


Millions spent on the Freestyle Music Park, a rock-themed amusement park in Myrtle Beach that closed within two years of opening its gates


Thousands of firefighters involved in FOOLS, a professional fraternal brotherhood organization


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