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Best Wellness Practices To Take From Chinese Medicine for Wintertime
December 1, 2021
In Chinese medicine, there is a widespread belief that harmonizing with the seasons will help prevent disease and maintain health. In modern times, we have lost a lot of this knowledge and eat foods...
Q&A With Austin’s Own Jared Padalecki and Your Walker Texas Ranger!
November 17, 2021
Jared, tell us about Walker – you had your first season last year in the middle of COVID and it was a roaring success and now you are back for a second season. It...
Life After Football: Improving Brains with HBOT
October 22, 2021
Happy Fall everyone! We don’t know about y’all, but fall is one of our favorite times of the year! The leaves are changing colors, the heat is retreating (albeit begrudgingly), and football is back!...
Why the Quality of the Food You Eat Should Be Priority
October 15, 2021
The following is adapted from Healthy Dad Sick Dad. As an experienced medical doctor and trained practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu (the use of light touch over specific areas of the body to create...
What the Fall Season Means in Traditional Chinese Medicine
September 13, 2021
The fall season is upon us. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, each season is associated with an element of nature. The fall season is associated with the metal element, which constitutes both the lungs and...
Workplace Wellness
August 1, 2021
In September of 2019, Jan Garcia came across Wondr Health (formerly known as Naturally Slim) and, because it was part of her employee benefits, she decided to give it a try.  “I saw it...
What is Float Tank Therapy?
May 10, 2021
We live in a world where we’re constantly distracted.  Your phone dings and you suddenly stop what you were doing to pick it up. Your apps create urgent, red dots and notifications that sometimes...
Dew You: Nutrition for Optimal Skin Health
May 1, 2021
Many often forget that the skin is the body’s largest organ, with the average person having roughly 300 million skin cells. Just like the gut, the skin has a microbiome that hosts five trillion...
Till Death Do Us Part
March 1, 2021
Ever since birth, I’ve had a dog in my life. To date, there have been 14 — each a bookmark for different chapters in this journey: Chica (1-3. Growing up we had three collies...
Journaling Daily: The Health Benefits You Need to Know
August 24, 2020
When you were younger, did you keep a diary? There isn’t a rule that says you have to give up that habit as you get older. Journaling actually offers significant health benefits and can...
Introducing AOMA and Integrative Medicine
August 1, 2020
AOMA’s name, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine, echoes the movement toward an integrative, holistic approach to healthcare involving practitioners of both Western and Asian medicine. AOMA trains its students to be able to...
Nutrition Done the Livable Way
July 31, 2020
Each year, Americans spend roughly $33 billion on diets and weight management strategies. Every option has a common denominator: they’re all short-term solutions. Diets are designed to yield quick results due to their heavy...
Nomadic Matt and COVID-19
May 1, 2020
Austin-based travel writer and New York Times bestselling author, Matt Kepnes, shares his COVID-19 experience. “Hey everybody! Greetings from inside my apartment,” Matthew Kepnes, a world traveler — and fellow Austinite —begins in an...
Five Best Ways to Invest in Your Health
April 13, 2020
Health might seem like a goal, but it’s actually more like a lifelong journey. After all, it’s not just about achieving health, it’s also about nurturing and maintaining it throughout the years in order...
Houseplants for Your Health
April 12, 2020
5 resilient plants that will make your air easier to breathe.
Wellness FAQ: Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Immunity
April 10, 2020
Q:What is acupuncture? A: Acupuncture is an energetic and physical prompt to your body’s own natural self-healing abilities. The gentle insertion of hair-thin needles at specific meridian points on the body eliminates “roadblocks” in...
How to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle and Routine While Working from Home
April 8, 2020
Many Americans now find themselves welcomed to the wonderful world of telecommuting — even if they didn’t request the perk. That’s OK. Working from home offers a ton of advantages, not the least of...
How to be Fit and Fabulous at Any Age
April 6, 2020
People usually reach the peak of their physical functioning in their 20s and early 30s. After that, things start changing. The rate of the change is individual, and it depends on genetics, lifestyle choices...
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