Meet MOBO: The 7-in-one Tool that Improves Functional Fitness

By Sponor: MOBO – December 3, 2021

MOBO is the revolutionary mobility tool that packs a big punch in a small package. This easy-to-use, travel friendly tool was created to be the solution to improving your body’s performance. To understand why MOBO is a must-have tool in your fitness routine, you need to understand the importance of mobility training for improved performance and pain reduction.

While most of our exercise routines focus on strengthening the intricate systems that make our body move, few give mobility the care and attention it deserves. Mobility is the term we use to describe ease of motion without sacrificing stability. Put simply, mobility is essential to movement — whether you’re at the gym, playing with your kids, working on a garden project, hiking your favorite trail, practicing your sport of choice, or enjoying freedom of movement in your day to day life, mobility and the degree of your mobility determines how well you can move.

When you lack mobility, everyday activities may become difficult and could result in injuries and athletic setbacks. Unfortunately, for most of us, our lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to supporting our mobility needs. The reality is that we sit for the majority of our day,  and when we do get moving, our bodies aren’t primed to fully recover. This causes pain, tight muscles and discomfort in the short term, and can lead to serious injuries over time.

To complete a full mobility exercise, you’d likely need to buy, gather, and know how to use all of these tools:

  1. foam roller
  2. lacrosse ball
  3. massage stick
  4. peanut
  5. cane
  6. massage roller
  7. flat-based massage ball 

You may already be familiar with some of the more common mobility tools on this list, like a foam roller, massage ball or cane, but those each have their limitations and require getting into awkward positions to utilize them correctly in a public setting


That’s where MOBO comes in. This 7-in-one tool combines the benefits of all common mobility tools in a small, portable package, engineered with an intelligent and intuitive design that hits the hard-to-reach muscles.

This optimized, multi-use tool allows you to target all soft tissue areas for myofascial release. Whether you’re improving overall mobility or targeting painful areas like sore feet, tight shoulders or hips, there’s a MOBO release for you.

To put it simply, the MOBO System:

  • Combines 7 commonly used mobility tools in one
  • Is small and portable
  • Easily Adjusts to target those hard to reach areas
  • Is more sanitary than shared gym equipment
  • Comes with access to educational content like physical-therapist recommended release tutorials

Whether your goal is to reduce daily tension and stress, enhance athletic performance, or supplement rehabilitation, MOBO is a fundamental part of your health and fitness program. With its versatile design and unrivaled techniques, MOBO replaces a myriad of single-purpose self-mobilization tools for easy, targeted myofascial release anywhere in your body.

You can purchase a MOBO created by Austin-based physical therapist, Christie Powell at


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