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Finding Romance in the Gym
October 1, 2022
Did you know one of the next best ways to find love may not be through dating apps but rather at the gym?  Of course, using the gym only for finding romance can be...
How to Support a Sober Spouse or Romantic Partner
February 14, 2022
Recovery is… a lot. There’s no question that it takes time, energy, commitment, focus and discipline, which can all be hard to marshal in difficult circumstances. This is true for both those who are...
How to Supercharge Your Connection
February 1, 2022
A strong, fulfilling sense of connection with others helps us be happier and healthier. Research shows that life satisfaction improves and we live longer when we are connected to others in meaningful ways.  However,...
5 Relationship Tips for the Holiday Season
December 3, 2021
The holidays can be a challenging time in our relationship lives. Some can feel left out or may not have close friends or family near where they live. Some will spend time with extended...
Food Advice for Parents
November 1, 2021
Nutrition: It can seem simple, yet complicated, no matter your age. Throw in a hungry baby, picky toddler or growing teenager and things can seem even trickier for parents. But finding that balance for...
Connection, Connection, Connection
February 7, 2021
Our lives are all about relationships — work relationships, romantic partnerships, family relationships and friendships. Especially during these times of increased social distancing and less social activity, how do we make those relationships closer...
Four Tips To Not Let Social Media Ruin Your Valentine’s Day After a Breakup
February 4, 2021
Breaking up is difficult any day of the year, and in a 24/7, social-media-driven world that values constant connection, mourning the end of a relationship is more complicated than ever — and none more...
The Business Partners of ATX
February 1, 2021
While relationships come in a variety of forms, it’s imperative that each relationship dynamic possesses strong communication, a solid foundation and trust in order to succeed. Business relationships — particularly, business owners and co-owners...
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
February 1, 2021
Love is the core of our human experience. Throughout history, love has been the motive behind war and peace, acts of madness and grace. It has inspired countless folk tales, novels, songs and other...
The Fit Couple
February 1, 2021
Zack Blakeney and Julia Rene are the fit couple that is taking Instagram by storm. Their killer physiques and informative coaching styles have gained them both followers and recognition in the Austin fitness community,...
7 Ways to Address Mental Health in Your Relationship
November 17, 2020
In a relationship, anything that affects your partner also affects you — which includes mental health. Whether one or both of you struggle with a diagnosis of a mental illness, it can create extra...
You Can’t Rush Love
February 1, 2020
There’s something about finding a special someone who brings so much joy, love and happiness into our lives. It could be the excitement and uncertainty of meeting someone new that makes it so exhilarating,...
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