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Soaking in Summer at Waterloo Park
June 14, 2022
A lush oasis for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, Waterloo Park provides 11 acres of green space in the heart of downtown Austin. After undergoing a total transformation, the revitalized park opened in August...
A Pilates Primer: The Workout for Everyone
October 7, 2021
Pilates has soared in popularity the past couple of decades, but its origins actually date further back. Nearly 100 years ago, a gymnast, bodybuilder, boxer, self-defense instructor, and circus performer named Joseph Pilates developed...
KMB: Shape Method
October 1, 2021
For me, Kick Mo’s Butt shoots always start off with a good pre-workout. That way, when I arrive at these workout/photoshoots, I am ready to go — both physically and mentally. Which is the...
Austin’s Fitness Instructor Shortage
October 1, 2021
Every day, in every way, Austinites are moving: high-intensity interval workouts, suspension training, kickboxing, spin, dance and barre, plus mind-body favorites like yoga and Pilates. With such a large population of workout-minded citizens, local...
Ambassador’s Corner: Ro Fitness + Shape Method Pilates Recap
August 1, 2021
This Ambassador’s Corner recaps a training experience you don’t want to miss — especially if you’re seeking a workout that is sure to kick your power and endurance gains into hyperdrive. This blaster of...
Ambassador’s Corner: VBodies + Restore Recap
February 1, 2021
Hello AFM, and welcome back to the Ambassador’s Corner.   We are coming to you with another review highlighting a couple of Austin’s best and brightest health and wellness professionals and continuing our aim to...
Workout of The Month: At-Home Mat Pilates Routine
May 2, 2020
In honor of National Pilates Day on May 2, Castle Hill Fitness is sharing with us an at-home Mat Pilates routine for this month’s workout of the month. Pilates is the perfect complement to...
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