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By Monica Brant – October 1, 2021

For me, Kick Mo’s Butt shoots always start off with a good pre-workout. That way, when I arrive at these workout/photoshoots, I am ready to go — both physically and mentally. Which is the perfect state to be in before a tough workout like this one. 

My GPS brought me directly to the building where Shape Method resides, and I parked in an easy-to-find parking garage within about 50 yards of the studio. With the AFM and Shape Method teams ready to go once I got there, we got started right away. 

Although the studio is small, it is well equipped with all the needed tools for a blaster of a workout. Plus, the space is well laid out and feels spacious even so. The manager, Sophie, and the owner/founder, Jennifer, were full of energy and ready to kick my butt with a Pilates session.

Without too much delay, Jennifer set me up on the Pilates chair and we got busy! Jennifer led the session with terrific energy and consistent, supportive coaching for the ultimate experience. Meanwhile, Sophie hopped in the session and trained right by me so that I was able to follow along easily and translate the cues to the body. By the way, Sophie is an excellent Pilates model/athlete, and I thought it was immensely helpful (and fun) to have her there!

I have done Pilates in the past but not recently, so I was interested to find out how my body would relate and flow with the experience. 

The intense session moved swiftly from the chair to the reformer, and it wasn’t long before I was feeling my muscles engage all over. I am a fan of lifting your own bodyweight and learning how to control your own amount of mass gracefully, and I can admit this session caused me to search for a Pilates studio near me.

Due to the rapid pace and number of exercises, I cannot exactly recall the grouping of exercises. But it was a full-body workout and a terrific session hosted by deeply passionate experts that love sharing what they do with others such as myself.

My favorite part of the session was … everything! I loved how I was not only physically challenged to do each exercise, but also mentally challenged to connect mind and muscle. This allowed me to feel all of the muscle groups and ask the body to engage as one solid unit. 

The staff and product at Shape Method was on point, and I highly recommend making your way to see them if Pilates is on your mind. 

In my experience, finding ways to connect your muscles to mind is of the utmost importance, especially as we age. If you are new to this type of exercise, I know they will take excellent care of you and coach you for your level. 

As always, stay fit and love life!

– Monica


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