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A Sensory Exploration of the Outside
September 3, 2021
So much has been written about exercising outside. There are outdoor workout routines, safety tips for extreme weather, clothing pieces that wick moisture, lists of park exercise equipment and so on. Consequently, I wanted...
Making the Outdoors for All
September 1, 2021
It’s a calm day on the lake and the water looks like glass all around her. There are people paddle boarding, kayaking and enjoying the water — but something is off. “Why am I...
A Road Less Traveled
March 1, 2020
Cycling down a gravel path in the dark of night in McDade, Texas, the only thing illuminating the road ahead is a small helmet lamp. Up ahead, cyclists buzz with excitement and laughter as...
Women Wakeboarders of Austin
August 31, 2019
Three or four women stand on the dock…or rest on benches nearby, boards in hand, waiting for three or four more to swing by at 19, 20 mph, ropes in hands, knees bent as...
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