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By AFM Staff – July 31, 2019

This month, we got an inside look at KNOCKOUT’s signature kickboxing class. Put these moves into action on your own heavy bag or at your next KNOCKOUT class.



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Shadowboxing is our warm-up and prep time before we hit the bag. It’s okay if this feels awkward at first, so shake it out and embrace the silly! This is a great way to focus on form and build technique, so keep your combos simple. The goal is to get the body warm and ready to hit the heavy bag.

Your Stance

In kickboxing we have two stances:

Orthodox stance for right-hand dominant fighters. Left foot forward (lead) and right foot back (rear).

Southpaw stance for our left-hand dominant fighters. Right foot forward (lead) and left foot back (rear).

Basic Kickboxing moves


Straight lead hand punch with slight rotation of the thumb down toward the ground. You want to hit the bag with the first two knuckles every single time. Keep your other hand by your face for protection at all times.


This is your most powerful punch and will have you feeling like a badass. The key is to pivot your back foot to create a powerful twist that will use your core power to land the punch. Hit with the first two knuckles and always keep the other hand protecting your face. The cross punch will make that “POP” sound on your bag.


Your hooks are short, compact punches. With the arm bent at a 90-degree angle, let your arm rotate with your body. For the left (lead) hook — pivot the left hips, knee, and foot to the right. For the right (rear) hook — pivot the back foot, knee, and hips to the left. Snap the punch when it hits the heavy bag and quickly rotate back to your fighting stance.


Uppercuts aim for underneath the chin so you’ll want to hit up into the heavy bag to mimic this. The rotation of your body is where all your power is generated. Keeping the knees bent, pivot and push off your left foot for the left uppercut and pivot and push off your right foot for the right uppercut. Do not make a scooping or swinging motion with your arms.

Roundhouse Kick

Kicking the hell out of a heavy bag is our favorite way to relieve stress and also makes you feel invincible. Take a 45-degree step out with your non-kicking leg. With your kicking leg, bring the knee up and turn the hips over allowing the standing foot to pivot. Extend the kicking leg and strike the heavy bag with the lower shin.

Knee Strikes

These are done at a short distance aiming for the stomach or groin. Keeping the weight in the balls of your feet, drive the back knee up and in front of your body. Use your hips to push the top of the knee forward into the center of the bag. Your knee is a sharp point of your body, so don’t be afraid to really get into this one.

Let’s knock it out

Five three-minute rounds with one minute of rest in between.

Shadowboxing warm-up


Jab, Cross

Jab, Cross, Hook

Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

Jab, Cross, Hook, Right Roundhouse Kick

Jab, Cross, Left Knee

Two three-minutes rounds of shadowboxing with 30 seconds rest in between


20 Jab, Cross
10 Jump Squats

16 Jab, Cross
8 Jump Squats

12 Jab, Cross
6 Jump Squats

8 Jab Cross
4 Jump Squats

4 Jab Cross
2 Jump Squats



30 Seconds: Single punches for power only. Hit that bag as hard as you can!

30 Seconds: Speed work. Pick one set of punches (jabs and crosses, or both uppercuts) and go as fast as you can.

Repeat three times.


10X – Jab, Cross, Lead Hook

10X – Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Roundhouse Kick

10X – Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Cross

10X – Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Cross, Lead Roundhouse Kick

Repeat as many times as possible in three minutes.


30 Seconds: Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Knee

30 Seconds: Plank Hold

30 Seconds: Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Cross, Lead Knee

30 Seconds: Plank Hold

30 Seconds: Jab, Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Knee, Left Roundhouse Kick, Lead Knee, Right Roundhouse Kick.

30 Seconds: Plank Hold


Your FREESTYLE round

This is your burnout round. Mix everything you’ve done so far in the shadowboxing and work rounds! Give this three minutes your best and whatever you do, don’t quit. Have fun and leave it all on the heavy bag!


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