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Cooped Up Couples
February 1, 2021
The pandemic and lockdown may have changed the name of the dating game, but it’s also presented new challenges for couples. In some cases, the lockdown sped up relationships, prompting either engagements or breakups....
The Fit Couple
February 1, 2021
Zack Blakeney and Julia Rene are the fit couple that is taking Instagram by storm. Their killer physiques and informative coaching styles have gained them both followers and recognition in the Austin fitness community,...
Per(fit) Couples
February 1, 2020
With the couch, a snack and your favorite TV show at your fingertips, the thought of a night in  with you and your partner may make going to the weight room sound like more...
Mental Health Column: Love Is Everything
February 1, 2020
When people are asked at the end of life what mattered the most to them, they often say the quality of the relationships they were able to build — the love they had the...
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