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Soccer after High School

After a busy childhood spent lacing up cleats, refueling on orange slices, sprinting on a muddy field, soccer players adapt from riding to practice with their…

Michael Johnson and Usain Bolt

Johnson was one of the track and field experts providing television commentary for the Berlin ’09 Olympics when Usain Bolt broke the 200m world record, set…

A Different Angle

Let me start my letter this month by thanking all of you who challenged yourselves in our inaugural FITTEST last month. You inspired everyone and showed…

Austin's Carol Welder at Wimbledon

This month, Austin Fit Magazine was fortunate to have a feature on Carol Welder (you can read the article here). Welder is the current vice president…

Nursing Your Lungs: Don't Smoke

As if you needed anymore reasons NOT to smoke, check out the infographic below! (Click on the image or "read more" to see the entire infographic)

Over 60 Women Who've Got Game

In February 2012, AFM brought you two stories about a long-standing Austin pick-up basketball game. The first story (“Play Like a Competitive Girl—at Every Age”) gave…

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