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By AFM – July 5, 2012

RJ Full Wetsuit

Available at: Austin Tri-Cyclist, 923 Barton Springs Road

Product Cost: $360

It’s triathlon season, so AFM consulted with wetsuit expert Missy Ruthven, Austin Tri-Cyclists owner, to find out what she was currently recommending for those looking to buy a new competition wetsuit, and here it is: the Rocket Science Sport full wetsuit. Ruthven likes the design, which includes a low-weight material that provides the same buoyancy as thicker types of neoprene though weighing 30-50 percent less, and a t-shirt style collar, which makes the suit more comfortable. Ruthven also likes the price—she explained that wetsuit costs had all gone up within the last year, and Rocket Science has a good product at a great price. Like all wetsuits, the sizing runs on the small side, so be sure to get fitted.

What makes it cool: Any athlete who’s ever had neck chafing from a wetsuit is going to love the lower-profile neckline made of less stiff material. And there’s a special magnetic closure that has eliminated the need for Velcro. Perhaps coolest is that company owner Marcin Sochacki , though currently living overseas, claims Austin as his home.


Ruu-Muu Pocket

Available at: Texas Running Company, downtown location (1011 W. 5th Street, Suite 110)

Product Cost: $80

The Ruu-Muu Pocket is a running dress that puts the “fun” in functional. There’s a pocket in the back for stashing stuff, and you can go from workout to errand looking stylish. The company’s emphasis is on whimsical patterns that make workout-wear something beyond the basic black shorts, so look for everything from camouflage to paisley to ‘60s mod in a pattern.

What makes it cool: Nuu-Muu has an awesome philosophy that includes an emphasis on green living, girl power, and giving back to communities. And all of their products are made in the USA.

Available at: or the Apple Apps store

Product Cost: You set the price you pay for missed workouts.

GymPact is a mobile app that helps you keep your workout commitments. Started by two Harvard grads who studied behavior modification, GymPact dings you at least $5 for every missed workout, but pays you (from the pool of money from people who didn’t make their workouts) for the workouts you make. Yes, you can lose more than you earn, but behaviorists say that loss is more of an immediate motivator than gain, and that short-term results are more motivating than long-term results.

What makes it cool: Based on behavior modification research, this tool can help you change your behavior so you get to the gym more often, or just get there in the first place. If your gym or recreation center or pool isn’t listed, you can request to have it added.



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