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Fitness Wishlist

Ok, so I know it’s the season of giving and all (we did put out the GIVING issue this month), but I can’t help but notice…

AFMDC Leaderboard

Here’s who’s leading the pack after the Run for the Water 10 Miler:Women’s age group leadersAge Name Time15-19 Courtney Reich 1:58:0120-24 Erica Stoltenberg 1:59:4925-29 Nicole Mendlik…

Running in Cold Weather

Don’t let cold weather keep you from getting your workout in, follow these tips to have a safe and comfortable running experience this season!Layer Up -…

The Importance of Hydration in Winter

Contrary to popular belief, hydration isn’t just for hot, Texas summers. Staying hydrated has many benefits in the winter season for a multitude of reasons. With…

Retired General Gives Homes to Heroes

Tim Horton, a champion softball player, and Jonathan Wheeler, a recent graduate of the Golf Academy of America, had just finished a round of golf together…

What the World Sees in a Food Label

We may take for granted that the rest of the world looks at everyday things the way Americans do but, as any traveler knows, that’s not…

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