Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for 2012

By Sarah – December 30, 2011

Another new year is upon us and many resolutions remain the same. Will this be the year some of us buckle down and really strive to achieve our goals? Here are 5 of the top resolutions for the coming year, do any of these top your list? Let us know @austinfit or on facebook!

1. Exercise Regularly – It takes  about a month to establish a routine, but once it’s part of your daily schedule it will be hard to miss! If it helps, try writing down what your exercise is going to be each day and what time, and when you finish it cross it out, you’ll feel even more accomplished!

2. Spend More Time with Loved Ones – It’s easy to get caught up in work and whatnot, but don’t forget friends and family! You can set aside a family game night once a week with the kids or date night with that special someone, whatever it takes to get some extra quality time in with those who make it all worth it.

3. Eliminate Debt and Impliment a Budget – While it’s tempting to spend extra cash on a new gadget or fun getaway, you might want to consider ridding yourself of debt. It’s easy to put debts on the back burner, but remember, they’ll always be there until you pay them. Try sitting down and going over all of your expenses and creating a budget. Over time you’ll feel much better about your finances, even if you have to lay off on the shiny new toys for a while.

4. Quit Smoking – This resolution is not only good for your health, it also helps out the environment and your wallet! Do some research and figure out which method is right for you, it could be the best resolution you’ve ever made!

5. Stop Drinking or Drink Less – Yet another activity that hurts your health and bank account. If you drink pretty regularly think about cutting it down to a moderate amount, or even altogether if it’s been a real issue for you. A drink every now and then with friends is great, but don’t overindulge!


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