Year in Review

By Melanie Moore – December 30, 2011

As we settle into the final weeks of the year—or scurry madly to finish holiday and travel preparations, or to close that last deal—it is in many ways gratifying to look back at the accomplishments of the past year.  This might have been the year of a PR for you, or the first year you did a triathlon, the year you became a vegan, or the year you abandoned vegetarian ways.

We at Austin Fit Magazine hope you will take time with your friends and family to celebrate accomplishments—yours and those of people close to you.  Give yourself a pat on the back because, no matter what, you did it! You made it through this year and may have exceeded your goals along the way.

While celebrations are the fun part of looking back, there is also loss.  Some losses are good—those last 10 pounds!  But painful losses encroached upon the year for many of us; some people we loved are not with us this holiday season, among them Austin runner Scott Birk.  We hold them in our hearts and hope for the courage they would wish for us as we move forward into 2012.

Looking back at the past year of Austin Fit Magazine it is impressive to see the variety of people who have shared their stories with us.  Our own Monica Brant (Mo) who gets her “butt kicked” in the magazine with workouts every month told her story in January; with Matt Knifton who has helped make Austin into a rowing city at Austin Rowing Club, including fielding the team featuring our October cover,  Seton Medical Center’s Chief of Staff Dr. Karen Swenson.

This year—and each issue—was packed, from Austin’s ten fittest couples, to six of Austin’s best pet playgrounds, to the annual swimsuit issue which featured local models, to the perennially popular issue featuring Austin’s ten fittest people.  We had stars – Colt McCoy, Mark Zupan, Marion Jones, Whole Foods founder John Mackey, and, this month, John Paul DeJoria.

The Inspiration issue in July is still referenced in conversation, with some of the most compelling stories of the year—Mark Zupan on the cover, and Nick and Sarah Bannon, Cortney Smith, Michael Hehl, Emily Howell, Fallon Turner, Brian Leib, and Ashley Castoreno urging us on with their candor and strength.

Whatever your accomplishments, revel in them. Whatever your regrets, take a cue from the champions we’ve covered to learn from defeat and move on.  Whatever your situation, take time to reflect, remember and renew.  Find the path to your best self and join us as we continue the health and fitness journey in 2012.   Tell us what you think, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  Every day is a day to be thankful and be fit!

Here’s to auld lang syne,

Melanie Moore


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