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By Leah – December 30, 2011

Here’s who’s leading the pack after the Run for the Water 10 Miler:

Women’s age group leaders

Age Name Time
15-19 Courtney Reich 1:58:01
20-24 Erica Stoltenberg 1:59:49
25-29 Nicole Mendlik 2:11:44
30-34 Ashley Butler 1:59:55
35-39 Lisa Buckley 1:55:24
40-44 Jennifer Fisher 1:45:09
45-49 Rose Martinez 1:57:03
50-54 Cynthia Burton 2:20:23
55-59 Barbara Fellman 2:14:50
60-64 Reenie Smith 2:35:27
65-69 Judith Reader 2:54:54
70-74 Margene Beckham 3:34:33

Men’s age group leaders

Age Name Time
15-19 Rush Hemphill 1:40:35
20-24 Kyle Higdon 1:29:34
25-29 Daniel Thompson 1:34:07
30-34 Joseph McCellon 1:25:22
35-39 Scott Merritt 1:35:21
40-44 Michael André Ford 1:42:15
45-49 Marvin Hope 1:43:53
50-54 Declan O’Cleirigh 1:43:28
55-59 Dan Wood 1:50:16
60-64 Frederick Taylor 2:27:31
65-69 Dick Wilkowski 2:12:12
70-74 Michael London 2:19:27
75-79 Keith Mason 3:06:35

AFM Distance Challenge Overall Leaders

Joseph McCellon 1:25:22
Jennifer Fisher 1:45:09

AFMDC Commentary: Decker Challenge 

December brings, literally, an Austin Fit Magazine “Distance Challenge” (AFMDC) –the first half marathon of the series. A half marathon (13.1 miles) is a new undertaking in terms of distance; runners have progressed from 10K (6.2 miles) at the IBM Uptown Classic to 10-miles at the Run for the Water. On December 11, runners will cover the half marathon distance at an Austin running community classic, the Decker Challenge.

The Austin Runners Club Decker Challenge will continue the precedent set by Run for the Water: hills. The Austin Runners Club (ARC) has put on this event for years and completing Decker is a feather in any serious runner’s cap. There are uphills and downhills—and lots of them. The area around the Travis County Expo Center and Decker Lake is the site of many different races throughout the year (Danskin Sprint Triathlon and Ironman Austin 70.3, to name two others), all races that seek to test the mettle of competitors on a challenging course. But don’t look for crowd support at the Decker Half Marathon to pick up your spirits. It’s difficult to get out on the roads to watch, so cheering crowds are a rare occurrence at this race. The isolation combined with the physical toughness of the course brings a mental challenge to the event that you don’t find in the other half marathons of the AFMDC (3M and, if you’re on the half track, the half marathon option at the Austin Marathon).

ARC offers the race as a way to give back to the running community here in Austin; the club’s membership organizes and staffs the race as a labor of love (ARC also compiles all the AFMDC leader results). Be sure to thank the volunteers out there working the water stops and keep in mind that the club stocks the aid stations and finish area tables of refreshments using donated goods.

With another half marathon a month and half later (3M is January 29, 2012), runners will be wise to think of Decker as a long training run. Expect that 3M will be the faster race, with its net downhill and rolling terrain. Decker, with its challenging hills and earlier spot in the schedule, will be a great event to nail down nutrition and practice mental toughness…and a great opportunity for bragging rights around the office water cooler on Monday.


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